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Batreviews.com is run by Softball Today Magazine. Our goal is to deliver non bias reviews of the latest bats to hit the market. Batreviews.com uses active men and women tournament and league C and D players who hit on a regular basis. Fastpitch players include select youth Travel Ball and High school players. All Reviewers are non bias players that are not contracted to swing any specific company's product.

All bats are reviewed under a Batreviews supervised hitting session using live pitching on open fields with marked dimensions. Each player reviewing the bats are asked to fill out a survey giving each bat a grade and explaining why they felt that grade was deserved. Results are not scientific, but are intended to give the reader real impressions of each bat by real softball players.

All bats are graded on a scale of 85-100 points under the following criteria:

Line drives, Distance, Feel/Sting, Sweet Spot, Sound, Durability and Graphics

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