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Derby Boys ASA DB427SP3
The Derby Boys ASA consists of Blended Fiber Technology, combining fiber in varied proportions to gain resilience for maximum trampoline effect to the seamlessly constructed barrel walls. Combat’s Anisotropic Composite Technology varies stiffness along the handle (no sting) and across the barrel (improving performance).

Derby’s always come Hot Out of the Wrapper. With combined precision molded components, optimally blended fibers and maximum performance weighting, Derby’s are as hot as is legally allowed.

Approved by ASA.

34" / 26 oz.
34" / 27 oz.

34" / 28 oz.

"This is a mean and nasty performing ASA bat. This is gotta be one of the top ASA sticks out there. The liners were screaming off this bat and I drilled several deep shots well over 300 feet, Said Benny Kelt. "We hit this bat several hundred times and it had no durability problems."

The Score

Line Drives 95
Distance 94
Feel/Sting 93
Sweet Spot 94
Sound 93
Durability 100
Graphics 94

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