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DeMarini Flipper WTDXFLS

The Flipper is DeMarini’s hard answer to soft compression balls. This game-changer is specifically designed to attack the low compression 52/300 ‘bouncy ball’ with the tenacity of a Kansas twister. Our new Divergence Technology extends the sweet spot horizontally around the barrel making for a more for giving bat. Even if you don’t hit it right on the screws, you’ll rattle off tape measured shots due to the much improved impedance match between this very unique barrel design and the ball. It doesn’t take a heavy stick or quick bat speed to pump out homeruns. With The Flipper, just swing, flip, and out of here.

Approved by: “ASA 2004” certified. LENGTH / WEIGHT - 34”/26oz, 34”/27oz, 34”/28oz, 34”/30oz

Our hitters were fired up to swing DeMarini's new line Flipper bat. This bat is designed to attack the low compression 52/300 ball and we found this bat to be tailor made for this ball.

"This bat is outstanding, we swung several hundred swings and there were no durability problems and performance wise this bat was "Smoken" the line drives were firing through the infield." Said Erik Dunning.

"This is an exceptional bat, I launched several long ball shots and the liners were screaming off this bat," Said Marty Fuller. "The ball was coming off the bat like a rocket.”

The Score

Line Drives 94
Distance 95
Feel/Sting 94
Sweet Spot 95
Sound 93
Durability 100
Graphics 90
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