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Stadium CL22

Chris Larsen demanded a bigger end-load to put balls out of stadiums across the country, so we created the Stadium CL22 with an extreme end-load and powerful performance to flat out launch.

Product Specs:
Certification: USSSA 1.20 BPF, NSA 2012, ISA, ISF certified
Handle Type: Aluminum
Barrel Material: Composite

Our group of C and D tournament players were excited to hit the DeMarini Stadium CL22. Before the hitting got underway our players gave high marks to the bats "Sweet" Stadium graphics and of course the number 22 tribute to Majors big time hitter Chris Larsen.

Once the hitting commenced the comments were flying as far as the distance the ball flew from the bat. "Wow this is my new favorite USSSA bat I absolutely loved the extra distance I generated on the long bombs," Said Scotty Blackwell "Loved the bat from top to bottom from the comfortable grip to the generous sweetspot."

"I can't believe how lively this bat was from the first round to the last rounds of hitting. This bat has got some serious pop to it." Said Paul Reyes.

The Score

Line Drives 95
Distance 95
Feel/Sting 94
Sweet Spot 95
Sound 94
Durability 100
Graphics 96
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