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L5, USSSA-Raw Power
Engineered for an end-loaded feel to maximize power. The L5.0 is a USSSA end loaded 1-piece composite design. The 1-piece design provides extra bat control with a stiff handle.


1 Piece technology provides extra bat control.
SIC Black Carbon handle improves feel and reduces vibration for smooth bat control.


"This Easton L5 bat has base hits and power written all over it. My line drives were going past some of our infielders before they could get their gloves down and when you get a hold of a sweet pitch it's gone "Way back," Said Lance Barrett.

"This bat delivers everything you want in a bat." Said Harry Graham.

The Score

Line Drives 93
Distance 93
Feel/Sting 94
Sweet Spot 95
Sound 92
Durability 100
Graphics 94
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