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HBF technology, our multi-layer walls are 100% "Fully Released" for hot out of the wrapper performance. Our proprietary layering extends the barrel flex which results in a 20% bigger sweetspot.

Advanced inner flex technology takes performance to the next level by delivering precisely calibrated handle flex and energy transfer to optimize barrel rebound. Advanced inner flex is customized to barrel specifications

R900 carbon fiber provides 38.8% higher tensile strength and 40% higher elongation than industry standard carbon fiber. R900 is proven to endure grueling play, deliver unrivaled durability and maximize performance.

100 comp - 100% composite is engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade carbon fiber to deliver Miken's legendary performance and durability.

Extreme x-tack takes knob grip to the next level with a comfortable feel. The optimal amount of tack gives players additional bat control when it matters most.

Made in USA

/Barrel Length/Barrel Diameter
34" / 26 oz. / 14.5 / 2.25
34" / 27 oz. / 14.5 / 2.25
34" / 28 oz. / 14.5 / 2.25
34" / 30 oz. / 14.5 / 2.25
Approved By: NSA and ISA, USSSA 1.20 Certified

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